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There are 276 pages on that are lonely on the corresponding Wikidata items.


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No.Item ID on wikidata.orgPage name on
2Q155856Peter Clodt von J├╝rgensburg
3Q498819Medieval Warm Period
4Q2528408Category:Vistamar (ship, 1989)
5Q3152638Category:Institut technique agricole d'Errachidia
6Q3451020Category:Rue de Roubaix (Lille)
7Q4609535Category:2007 Venezuelan demonstrations
8Q4648950Category:A1A Travel
9Q4822470Aurora (Metra)
10Q5718828Henry Bull
11Q5767575Christina Jolie
12Q5999187Illilliwa, New South Wales
13Q6500109Category:Lauren Abraham
14Q7204761Pleurocybella porrigens
16Q7566829Category:South City, Kolkata
17Q7582093Category:Squares of London
18Q7591754Category:St. Stephen's College, Hong Kong
20Q7819293Category:Tommy Castillo
21Q7840797Tricholoma album
22Q7840811Tricholoma scalpturatum
23Q7946433Category:WAGR J class (diesel)
24Q7946435Category:WAGR K class (diesel)
25Q7976336Category:Wayne Hoffman
26Q8093251Category:1492 in Portugal
27Q8287627Category:Baltimore and Ohio Railroad bridges and tunnels
28Q8298782Category:Bhadravathi, Karnataka
29Q8391190Category:Comarcas of Castile-La Mancha
30Q8418375Category:Engure municipality
31Q8436374Category:Custom Coaches
32Q8494244Category:Good Riddance