List generator for Wikidata items that contain lonely links
by User:Sanyi4

This site provides a list generator that lists Wikidata items that link to only one language version of a Wikipedia page. This helps to find Wikipedia pages where the corresponding pages in other languages actually exist, but are not linked to the page.

Data was extracted from the data dump of, which can be found at Current data is based on the dump of 26 February 2014. See also Wikidata:Database download on Wikidata.

If you have any comments contact me at my talk page on Wikidata: User talk:Sanyi4.

Site ID:Set the language code of the Wikipedia you want to gerenerate a list for.
Start listing from:Set the list element where to start listing. At default the list contains maximum 1000 elements.

270 Wikipedias are available:

(ab) (ace) (af) (als) (am) (ang) (an) (arc) (ar) (arz) (ast) (as) (av) (ay) (az) (bar) (bat_smg) (ba) (bcl) (be) (be_x_old) (bg) (bh) (bi) (bjn) (bm) (bn) (bo) (bpy) (br) (bs) (bug) (bxr) (ca) (cbk_zam) (ceb) (ce) (chr) (ch) (chy) (ckb) (commons) (co) (crh) (cr) (csb) (cs) (cu) (cv) (cy) (da) (de) (diq) (dsb) (dv) (dz) (ee) (el) (eml) (en) (eo) (es) (et) (eu) (ext) (fa) (ff) (fiu_vro) (fi) (fj) (fo) (frp) (frr) (fr) (fur) (fy) (gag) (gan) (ga) (gd) (glk) (gl) (gn) (got) (gu) (gv) (ha) (haw) (he) (hif) (hi) (hr) (hsb) (ht) (hu) (hy) (ia) (id) (ie) (ig) (ik) (ilo) (io) (is) (it) (iu) (ja) (jbo) (jv) (kaa) (kab) (ka) (kbd) (kg) (ki) (kk) (kl) (km) (kn) (koi) (ko) (krc) (ksh) (ks) (ku) (kv) (kw) (ky) (la) (lbe) (lb) (lez) (lij) (li) (lmo) (ln) (lo) (ltg) (lt) (lv) (map_bms) (mdf) (mg) (mhr) (min) (mi) (mk) (ml) (mn) (mrj) (mr) (ms) (mt) (mwl) (myv) (my) (mzn) (nah) (nap) (na) (nds) (nds_nl) (ne) (new) (nl) (nn) (nov) (no) (nrm) (nso) (nv) (ny) (oc) (om) (or) (os) (pag) (pam) (pap) (pa) (pcd) (pdc) (pfl) (pi) (pl) (pms) (pnb) (pnt) (ps) (pt) (qu) (rm) (rmy) (roa_rup) (roa_tara) (ro) (rue) (ru) (rw) (sah) (sa) (scn) (sco) (sc) (sd) (se) (sg) (sh) (simple) (si) (sk) (sl) (sm) (sn) (so) (sq) (srn) (sr) (ss) (stq) (st) (su) (sv) (sw) (szl) (ta) (tet) (te) (tg) (th) (ti) (tk) (tl) (tn) (to) (tpi) (tr) (ts) (tt) (tum) (tw) (tyv) (ty) (udm) (ug) (uk) (ur) (uz) (vec) (vep) (ve) (vi) (vls) (vo) (war) (wa) (wo) (wuu) (xal) (xh) (xmf) (yi) (yo) (za) (zea) (zh) (zh_classica) (zh_min_nan) (zh_yue) (zu)