List generator for Wikidata items that contain lonely links
by User:Sanyi4
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There are 1594 pages on that are lonely on the corresponding Wikidata items.

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No.Item ID on wikidata.orgPage name on
1Q32403An Rinn Mhór
2Q2892757Beach Gaelic
3Q3329027Alan Titley
4Q3330779Vincent Morley
5Q4863002Baile an Ridire Thiar
6Q4863003Baile an Ridire Thoir
7Q4863011Caisleán Cnucha, Barúntacht
8Q4863017Barúntacht Bhaile Átha Cliath
10Q4863120Barra Best
11Q5237247David Maxwell
12Q5437811Fatima, Baile Átha Cliath
13Q5590119Páirc Ghabhráin
14Q6508252Leabhar Breac (foilsitheoir)