List generator for Wikidata items that contain lonely links
by User:Sanyi4
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There are 3596 pages on that are lonely on the corresponding Wikidata items.

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No.Item ID on wikidata.orgPage name on
2Q6889002Azaad Fiji
3Q7076679Adonay Martínez
4Q7702655Denardo Bain
5Q7702696Stephen Bellot
6Q7702717Vandyke Bethel
7Q7702760Theron Davis
8Q7702808Anton Haven
9Q7702851Lionel Haven
10Q7702916George Maillis
11Q7702934Peron Major
12Q7702942Trevor McKenzie
13Q7702958George Moussis
14Q7702971Harvey Mullings
15Q7703009Shivargo Rolle
16Q7703084Anthony Russell
17Q7703177Carlos Smith (1969-06-11)
18Q7703407Deron Swaby
19Q7703430Dexter Thurston
20Q7703455Vishnu Turnquest