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There are 15003 pages on that are lonely on the corresponding Wikidata items.

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No.Item ID on wikidata.orgPage name on
1Q149720Ilijan, Lungsod Batangas
2Q149737Puerto Rivas Itaas
3Q149778Puerto Rivas Ibaba
4Q3040925Araw ng Paggawa
5Q3149181Impala (Marvel Comics)
6Q3160527Jaguar (Marvel Comics)
7Q3200084Lote Puerto Rivas
8Q3200092Cupang Proper
9Q3322211Bilogo, Lungsod ng Batangas
10Q3545677Barnacle (komiks)
12Q3547050Marcus Ashley Arayata
13Q3547410American Samurai
14Q3551200Gronk (komiks)
16Q4723039Alfred Labatos
17Q4789634Argo the Almighty
18Q4928930Blue Bullet
19Q4985221Hazel Recheta
20Q5036760Captain Omen
21Q5036869Captain Wings
22Q5039063Caretaker (komiks)
23Q5098411Children of Ares (komiks)
24Q5113766Chrome (komiks)
25Q5151575Comet (Marvel Comics)
26Q5187992Mid-day Report
27Q5265360Destroyer (Roger Aubrey)
28Q5441207Feedback (Marvel Comics)
29Q5499405Fredric Vaux
30Q5517802Galactic Golem
31Q5548115Georgianna Castleberry
32Q5557085Ghost Girl
33Q5562806Gin Genie
34Q5566524Glamor (komiks)
35Q5659309Harmonica (komiks)
36Q5660908Harold H. Harold
38Q5892083Honcho (komiks)
39Q7703001Teroy de Guzman
40Q7773856The Way To Heaven
41Q7848089Trust (100 Bullets)
42Q7851608Tugatog, Malabon
43Q7961275Walang Sugat