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There are 2208 pages on that are lonely on the corresponding Wikidata items.

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No.Item ID on wikidata.orgPage name on
2Q7182456A. A. Moll van Santbergen
3Q7182583A. A. de Beste
4Q7182632A. Ahlmark
5Q7203780Pleasant Dale
6Q7277215A. C. J. Conijn-Bremmer
7Q7277317A. C. van Duijkeren
8Q7277414A. Cramer-Van Dissel
9Q7385850A. Culik
10Q7386081A. F. Zdziarski
11Q7386172A. Leroy
12Q7386224A. L. Levin
13Q7386324A. Fiet
14Q7386381A. Gireme
15Q7386431A. H. Effing
16Q7386499A. H. Kalis
17Q7386545A. H. Slotboom
18Q7386574A. H. van Uden
19Q7386638A. Hauptmann
20Q7386681A. Hedvall
21Q7386694A. J. C. Verstraaten
22Q7386711A. J. Plunkett
23Q7386770A. J. Rosmeijer
24Q7386774A. J. S. Werten
25Q7386782A. Jacob
26Q7386858A. Jenrich
27Q8358912A. Arbeiter