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Dear Visitor!

We call You cordially 'Welcome on our webpage.


We act as consultant of  Van de Stadt, The Netherlands, and DD Design, USA, in merchandising  precision plans i.e. drawing sets with full documentations and technologies for the building of sailing yachts, ansd also some smaller power boats, with technical consulting, and also general purchase, building and touring for themselves belonging Hungary.

Office Services like special translations, projecting of company image, advertising and marketing.

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Pleas note, most of our frames here are just in Hungarian for some certain reason. The general Jachting, Van de Stadt, DD Design and Sindbad Portal frames are for everybody, of course. However, some other pages are thought rather to be found and used by citizens and companies of East-European neighborough countries around Hungary, because, we cannot develop all of our activities everywhere  unfortunately, e.g. we are not responsible for sales of Van de Stadt plans in UK and Western Europe. But if Your kind visit of our site lead to questions, please ask by e-mail (see below), we help You as good as we can with all necessary information.

Call us or write us, we are every time at Your kind disposal. And - See You later!

 Contact Dr. Antal    +36 +30 2691 821 

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