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The music of group "7HATÁR" (the name means 7BORDERS) can be described - by the current trendy expression - as "world music".

Our repertory spans a broad area of the musical spectrum, ranging from meditative to the hot-blooded South American "chacarera".

Our program includes on one hand own compositions, on the other hand adaptaions of themes from traditional music of different countries (Turkey, Arabic World, Africa, South-America, Japan, India, etc.)

Due to the sythesis of different musical styles (jazz, funky, latin, rock, folk music) as well as the improvisative interpretation, the group "7HATÁR" has a various, unique program.

The group "7HATÁR" was formed from the group Quantum Tango in 2004. In 2003 we were invited to play on several big festivals (e.g.: the Kapolcs "Valley of Arts" Cultural Festival (Hungary), the world famous Pepsi Sziget Festival in Budapest, the September-fest Festival in Budapest and the Balatonboglár Wine Festival (Hungary).

Sándor Szabó, László Hána, Kozák Simon Katalin,Hegyaljai Boros Zoltán,Budai Sándor, Szabolcs Lábos

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