CASCON Galaxy: E: Access to measure image is not allowed in parallel programs.. 

Just to feed google with Göepel CASCON error messages:
If you face this error even if
Go to advanced options -> Generate untick -> Test Execution/parallel

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Napi facepalm: OpenOCD telnet port 

Ha az OpenOCD egy +-t dob vissza és nem promptot a 3333-as portra telnetelve akkor a hiba nem az Ön készülékében van, hanem a JTAG prompt a 4444-es porton érhető el....
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Retro: ASUS mimic CX200 JTAG hacking 

Back in my university years I have had some issues with an Asus MIMIC CX200 camera. One of them got broken after a firmware upgrade so I have decided to fix it with JTAG. I have successfully got to UrJTAG to read the IDCODE of the S3C4510B, but I was unable to detect the flash. Now I know that I have had to tweak the bus driver and reveng the board a bit.

Here are some pics (shot with my Nokia 6230 in VGA res) about the trick:

Thin albanian wires were soldered directly to the pins.

Live together cry together series 100 Ohm level shifter JTAG adapter to LPT port.

I have designed an addon board to expose the CPU's intresting interfaces (2 serial, USB, JTAG)

It is fun to look back to those pictures from now. After 5 years we got to a state when it is easier and cheaper to buy a Rpi to solve the same problem rather than fixing that board...
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Compile urJTAG on Windows under cygwin 

urJTAG source from SVN or Git.
Cygwin: install the packagelist from here: with the technology described here: ... -packages/

The python binding is broken so run the ./ with --disable-python option.


#define NOUSER

befor, and

#ifdef IN
#undef IN

#ifdef OUT
#undef OUT

fter the #include <windows.h> into the sysdep.h

make -j 8 CFLAGS='-Wno-char-subscripts -Wno-unused-value'

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New Freescale Codewarrior USB-TAP disassembled 

The Freeescale support was very gently, so they are provided a free replacement for my dead USB-TAP. Of course I have disassembled it to check that did they added ESD protection to the USB lines.
Yes they did:

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