Mplab C18 to Mplab XC8 porting notes 

Just some random notes:

warning: (335) unknown pragma "udata"

Remove idata and udata pragmas.

(975) invalid format specifier or type modifier

Change %S string printf format specifier to %s (lower case).

Results a malformed string

If the next character after the escaped character is between [a-fA-F] then use a double quote between them:


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Using Microchip MCC18 compiler using GNU make 

Recently I had a project which was based on a 18F series PIC.
According to the "The well known ecosystem improves the productivity" motto I have decided to do the development on my Linux box.

After a while I have noticed that there are not any usable enviroment for 18F development on Linux. I have tried the MPLAB on windows too, but the "ignore all well known gui actions (doubleclick on code makes breakpoint for e.g.)" idiot behaviour driven me crazy. The Piklab is an unstable stuff, the MPLAB X is a java based slow bullshit, which does not supports ICD2, Piklab2.

I have decided to setup an enviroment using GNU make. The Makefile below can be used with the Linux version of MCC18 compiler.

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