Siemens Gigaset C475IP base station disassembed 

At the local flea market I have found a box with an ethernet port and and a DECT logo. I have bought it just for fun hoping that I will found some kind of embedded Linux running hackable stuff inside. Well after opening it I had to became disappointed.
Just for fun and archiving puposes I post my findings here.

The board markings:
W30852-Q1813-B101-5 and

The board's heart is a PCD80725ELF ARM base microcontroller made by the NXP.

I have not found any relevant information on the web about it, so I have asked the Philips (NXP) support, and they said:

All DECT activities of Philips Semiconductors were transferred to DSP Group in 2007. They may still have that data sheet archived.

I have contacted with the DSP Group's support but they have not answered.

The other notable parts on the board:
S29AL008 (1Mbit CMOS flash)
CY7C1041CV33 (512Kbit RAM)
Atmel AT45DB161D-SU (2 MByte SPI flash)
Atmel 24C265 EEPROM
CP2200 single chip ethernet controller by Silabs
An unidentified DECT module possibly made by the Siemens
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Building QCA (Qt cryptographic architecture) library on Ubuntu 13.10 with Qt5 

I have tried to build the QCA library from the KDE git repository (git clone git:// with Qt5. (The Ubuntu 13.10 distribution ships only QCA built with Qt4 in the repositories).

The cmake failed with:

CMake Error in CMakeLists.txt:
Imported target "Qt5::Core" includes non-existent path


in its INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES. Possible reasons include:

* The path was deleted, renamed, or moved to another location.

* An install or uninstall procedure did not complete successfully.

* The installation package was faulty and references files it does not

The solution was creating a symlink from the mkspecs:

sudo ln -s /usr/share/qt5/mkspecs/ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/

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Setter/getter method generator for Qt/C++ 

I have ditched together a small form in PHP to generate the setter getter methods for private members:
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Mplab C18 to Mplab XC8 porting notes 

Just some random notes:

warning: (335) unknown pragma "udata"

Remove idata and udata pragmas.

(975) invalid format specifier or type modifier

Change %S string printf format specifier to %s (lower case).

Results a malformed string

If the next character after the escaped character is between [a-fA-F] then use a double quote between them:


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Vesta Kombi fűtőbetét 

Miután az összes hazai szóba jöhető webshopot végignyálaztam a Vesta kombi tűzhelyhez fűtőszálat vagy fűtőbetétet keresve itt találtam rá egy hasonlóra: ... 3-kw-220-v

Igaz a PN nem ugyanaz (33.94023.192 az eredeti pedig 33.94023.002), illetve nagyobb teljesítményű 100W-al.

A csomag DHL-el jött relatíve drágán.

Azóta gyártó cég honlapját is megtaláltam:

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