Nokia VS JSR-234 FlashControl 

My father have a Nokia 6303i Classic, and he missed one feature from it: to be able to use the camera flash as torchlight.

According to the Device speciications, it supports the JSR-234: ... i_classic/

1 Contains: CameraControl, SnapshotControl, FlashControl, FocusControl and ZoomControl

i have ditched together a small Midelt, and tried to run it on the device, but I get Flash method not supported exception.

Okay, lets check the getSupportedMethod

And the device have only one supported Flash mode the FlashControl.OFF.

I have not been able to believe it, so I have tried the Nokia C3-01 and the X2-00 at at the NOKIA RDA

But both devices produced the same behaviour.
Come on, why the hell did they implemented this API if it simply useless...
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Genesis Pro GP6308S console output 

I have receieved a GenesisPro GP6308S DVR recorder. I have read in the user manual that it runs Linux, so I could not missed taking into pieces and check the console output on it.

At first a short HW overview:

HiSilicon HI3515SoC
256MB DDR2 RAM (2 pcs. Hynix H5PS5162GFR)
8 MB flash (Spansion S29GL064N90)
Realtek RTL8201CP NIC
2 pcs. NVP1114 4 ch video decoder
DS13072 RTC


The CN5 and CN7 are USB ports.

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Tyco Terrain Twister reverse engineering 

I have a Tyco Terrain Twister without transmitter.
The demodulated signal encoder in it is on a small board on board PCB.
Unfortunatelly there are not any useful information about it on the web (how the encoding is works etc.).

I am planning that I will replace it with small AVR/PIC based custom circuit whihc capable to encode PPM signals

The RF receiever is also in a separate circuit it was manufactured by the Jetta Company Limited.

I have desoldered the encoder circuit and reverse engineered its pin's function:

My pin counting starts at the top left corner and continues tor right.

See the pins function below:

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CakePHP: Undefined property: View::$Session after adding helper to the AppController 

I have got the error above after I have added a helper to the AppController. If I added the similar helper to all of my Controllers, everything had worked fine. Of course it is a workaround, so I have did some investigation, and I have figured out that the Session also acts as a helper not just as a component. After adding the Session to the helpers of the AppController the problem gone away.
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