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How to do frame animation with the TImageList class
Delete a TFrame together with its parent TTabSheet
Keystroke recording and playing back in the IDE
Find the TTabSheet in a pagecontrol, an active control is sitting on
Using the Math Unit


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480 How to fix the MDI close button and window menu glitches (Views: 31)
876 How to flip a bitmap (fast) (Views: 27)
943 How to flip the characters in a string (Views: 23)
2014 How to flip, rotate and mirror bitmaps (Views: 24)
942 How to force a form to stay iconized (Views: 20)
2205 How to force a TListBox to set a horizontol scrollbar if an entry is being cropped (Views: 16)
2178 How to force an overlapped or minimized window to the top (Views: 18)
335 How to force IExplorer to re-read registry settings (Views: 13)
798 How to form a DDE link with a Netscape browser (Views: 22)
1869 How to format the cell borders of an Excel spreadsheet (Views: 19)
247 How to free a component in a message handler (Views: 15)
1970 How to generate a circle through three points (Views: 19)
1765 How to generate a temporary file name (Views: 18)
425 How to generate a wave file and play it backwards (Views: 15)
1276 How to generate coherent noise (Views: 25)
1935 How to get a list of all available Truetype fonts (Views: 18)
1133 How to get a list of all current users from the BDE (Views: 28)
1671 How to get a list of all data-aware controls linked to a given TDataSource (Views: 24)
1916 How to get a list of all network adapters of a PC (Views: 20)
2084 How to get a list of all published methods for a given class (Views: 17)
1638 How to get a list of all registered typelibs (Views: 16)
98 How to get a list of all subdirectories in the current folder (Views: 26)
1155 How to get a list of all table names in a database (Views: 33)
1966 How to get a list of all windows on the Desktop and their handles (Views: 20)
1539 How to get a list of Parallel ports on a PC (Views: 21)
1137 How to get a list of subdirectories and files in a folder (Views: 35)
2110 How to get a list of the applications that will appear on the Windows Taskbar (Views: 15)
2030 How to get a range of text from a TRichEdit without setting a selection (Views: 38)
1333 How to get a zoomed preview of a full-size TScrollBox (Views: 22)
788 How to get and set the DPI in a TBitmap (Views: 58)
883 How to get and set the volume on a wave device (Views: 18)
2175 How to get BIOS information? (Views: 20)
459 How to get data from a file without reading it into memory (Views: 13)
2082 How to get detailed information about the Windows taskbar programmatically (Views: 24)
2049 How to get runtime properties of a component at runtime (Views: 22)
1034 How to get the amount of installed RAM (Views: 31)
1844 How to get the bitmap on a hidden TWinControl (Views: 24)
1056 How to get the control identifier of Windows dialogs (Views: 44)
1175 How to get the current row and column of a cursor in a TRichEdit (Views: 42)
378 How to get the drive letter of a CD-ROM drive (Views: 29)
1394 How to get the file name (and directory) of a file in the clipboard (Views: 27)
1518 How to get the first visible line in a TRichEdit (Views: 17)
354 How to get the font family when the user selects a font (Views: 18)
864 How to get the font of the active title bar (Views: 17)
467 How to get the font settings as defined in the Windows display properties (Views: 23)
1398 How to get the free system resources (Views: 22)
2018 How to get the handle of the edit box in the Internet Explorer (Views: 21)
931 How to get the HTML code for the parent of an ActiveX form (Views: 24)
546 How to get the Icon of a CD-ROM (Views: 25)
1845 How to get the icon of a window for which you know the handle (Views: 19)

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