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Some programs/soundbanks by me for WALDORF blofeld

My music

The Deep Ambient II. soundset for WALDORF blofeld

128 sound (in bank A) for your Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer mainly for ambient / chill / electro music in Atmo, Pad, ARP, Lead categories.

This soundbank is use HGFortune's 'HGF-Blofeld-Waveset-A-128.wpc' waveset what is given for the LicenseSL by Waldorf. The waveset 'HGF-Blofeld-Waveset-A-128.wpc' is an updated version of 'HGF-Blofeld-Waveset-01.wpc'with 42 wave programs added to the already existing 86. So now it does contain 128 wave programs and is fully downward campatible to the prior soundsets by Inner Dreamer aka Dimitri Schkoda, Dr. Christian Gritzner and HG Fortune. No additional wavetables is used!

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The Deep Ambient soundset for WALDORF blofeld

128 sound (in bank H) for your Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer mainly for ambient / chill / electro music in Atmo, Pad, ARP categories.

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LiPI's first free soundset for WALDORF blofeld

  • A001: 700's Lead Lead Similar like the old KORG 700 Kitaro's favourite lead instrument. A bit hollowed, a bit flutie.
  • A002: AttackedLd Lead Just an other lead.
  • A003: Synthex Poly Similar to the well known jarresq "Laser Harp" sound. Use your mod wheel!
  • A004: OxyWind FX Just a fine winf fx
  • A005: FusionLd Lead Started from the KORG R3 factory preset: Fusion Lead
  • A006: RevInsects FX
  • A007: Jarre Bass A jarresq analogue like bass sound.
  • A008: MS20S&H Seq Inspired by KORG MS20
  • A009: VCS3 FX VCS3 FX from Jarre: Oxygene. LFO controlled by the key velocity.
  • A010: Jarresq1 Arp A jarresq filler arp
  • A012: Voyager Lead Sine lead with some harmonics
  • A013: R3Saw Lead A saw lead was inspired by KORG R3
  • A014: Reinkorgn. Lead A lead what I used with a phaser in my track ReinKORGnation
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Waldorf Soundcorner Soundset

I just converted 218 of Waldorf microQ, Q and Q+ patches from converted to Waldorf Blofeld.
Most of them are not sound exactly same as the original microQ, Q or Q+ patch! (My converter is far from the perfect!) You should see these patches what are "ideas by the soundcorner patches" :D
But hey! You can tweak them for your choice!
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Studiologic SLEDGE2 in your blofeld

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This pack is containing:
- converted Studiologic SLEDGE2 patches for Waldorf blofeld in .mid format in the MID folder;
- converted Studiologic SLEDGE2 patches for Waldorf blofeld in .syx format in the SYX folder;
- original Studiologic SLEDGE2 patches as they are downloaded from the internet;

You can load them directly into your blofeld - in this case your original patches are gone!
You can use a patch editor/librarian to audition/select/write the patches you like!

The SLEDGE is not blofeld! Deffinitelly not!
Nore the sysex format is very similar there is big differencies between the two synthesizers...
For example:




#of OSC









PPG filter type



Ring modulation







So, when you just rewrite the device ID in the SLEDGE's sysex files and load them into the blofeld, there is a lot of unuseless sound. But when you correct the differencies (for example: the FX types/parameters; noise level -> ring mod level, etc...) you will get a lot of oldschool synth sounds!

I did the necessary changes on the patches in first round. Then I did try to normalize the volumes and the mod matrix values.

These patches are not sound exactly same as in SLEDGE! These patches as looks like like "SLEDGE influenced patches!" I keep the original names, so if you enough lucky to have both of these great synthesizers, you can compare the two kind of sounds and you can tweak a more closer version! If you do that, please share your version for free as I did.

My blofeld does not have LicenseSL - so the SLEDGE patches what are using sample I did not converted/used! Anyway these SLEDGE patches are in the SLEDGE folder so if you have enough time/ability you can try them too...

Copyright (C)2018. Lipcsei István - LiPI []

These soundset is free!
You can share it across the original locations link with copyright noticies.
You are not allowed to sell it anyway!
You are not allowed to make money from these patches in any way!
Sledge and SLEDGE2 are trademarks of Studiologic!
blofeld is trademark of Waldorf!
LiPI is trademark of me! :)