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The synthesizers and other gear what I have or had...

Master keyboards, effect processors, sequencers, HDR, synthesizers, drivers, utils, patches, goodies...

When you click on the synthesizers picture you will in the download are if I have some stuff for you for that synth :)

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I needed a workstation since the TR and FUSION are gone... The MOX6 give me excellent acoustic sounds and motion pads I needed with a versatile MIDI sequencer to record ideas, songs without DAW.


It was an old dream to me - have got a RADIAS! The dream is true now! :)


It's a very good master keyboard with a lot of controllers and pads. Mainly use for RADIAS.
Easy to configure without pc, there are a wealth of options for each controller, easy split, easy midi channel switching, aftertouch, etc...
Only one cons: the keys are not weighted at all. Like the oldschool synth keybeds ;)

For Windows10 users mostly recommended that page:

Behringer Virtualizer Pro

The Behringer DSP2024p is my main external FX at present days... Mainly used as compressor after the RADIAS...


overall circuit diagram

I'm using a pair of YAMAHA HS-80M studio monitors. I think they are will eternal pieces of my studio set up.
The analogue volume controller is a Voice-Kraft ME-6 audio mixer.

And there was in my studio...


When I wanted a RADIAS, but I don't have enough incomes I bought a KORG R3. It was a good deal! The sound of R3 is great!
Mostly used on my RETROGENE and A commercial trip albums and some other productions...


Once upon a time... :)

I just converted some of KORG X5 programs for i series... It's pcg files, what you can load into the i5M "User" bank.
Mostly used on my D.N.A. album...

KORG TR workstation

My first workstation...
Mostly used on my RETROGENE and A commercial trip albums and some other productions...
Sometimes I'm miss it... so much... :)


My second workstation...

It's a very underrated synth! It's like the KORG OASYS... and more!

As its name suggests, the Fusion HD workstation fuses the best elements of sampling, synthesis, and hard disk recording in an all-in-one powerhouse workstation.
With the Fusion HD, Alesis has re-examined the concept of the professional music production workstation, making ease-of-use a top design priority. Featuring 4 types of synthesis; an 8-channel hard disk recorder; built-in user sampling; an effects processor; USB 2.0 connectivity; and expandable memory; the Fusion HD is professional workstation that can effortlessly handle your most demanding production tasks.

Unfortunatelly this beast is has some bug what are never corrected. Mostly in sequencer programming...
This reason and the changes of my life are forced me to say good bye... It's a good sequencer, HDR, sampler, VA... Really an "all in one" gear!

ALESIS micron

This synth replaced the R3 a few years ago in my studio.

I don't know exactly it was a good idea or not. There is a lot of things pro and contra. The best set up is has both :)
In the Future pop I barely used other synth then ALESIS micron... The 75% of tracks are from this synth.

WALDORF blofeld

Uhhhh.... It's hard to talk about this synth. The next lines are my own opinions and experiments...

Great voice capabilities, but irritating bugs, cheap implementation. Not worthy the ancestor Q series...
Now, seriously! Only one DSP chip for that komplex synth? Ridiculous I think. The FX section is the worst what I heard.
The filters, the virtual patch capabilities and the arpeggiator are good. The DAC is not.
I did take only one track with this synth...
And so on... the VST version (called LARGO) has the same capabilities for a snippet price with same sound. So... ?

KORG Poly-800

Yes... Who don't had once a KORG Poly-800 as love the KORG synthesizers?
I didn't love that synth. But used a lot of time as keyboard, and sometimes with an external FX.


The AKAI SG01v is a very good sounding rompler! It was very usable with Cubase5. Before I sell it, I saved the whole drum bank for myself :-)
It was used on album RETROGENE


When I used the KORG i5M I used that master keyboard. Fine keybed, usefull controllers. Only one bug: when you press any of the transportation button, the UF start to send MIDI CLK... and never stopped, just after power off...


The master keyboard in my studio. I hoped I'll find a KOMPLEXER card for it, but it's never came out from the TERRATEC :/

The KOMPLEXER VST what is bounded for this master keyboard is a WALDORF microQ clone. And I have to say it's not bad! ;) I.e. It's can read the original Waldorf microQ sysex files.

Behringer BCR2000

This fine Behringer product BCR2000 MIDI controller was used for the ALESIS micron by me. The micron's 4 pots and menu systems was a nightmare by the sound design...It was usefull! It helped for the WALDORF blofeld too...

BOSS Pro SE-50

This Boss Pro SE-50 Stereo Effects Processor was used on my first live performance connected to the KORG TR individual outs to get one more FX route.


This little beast KORG AX3G guitar FX as used as my secondary master fx for the KORG TR (on individual outs) and R3. Ususally delay, reverb, sometimes phaser. This little box's phaser very good inded... I did get out the strong springs under the UP/DOWN "pedals" and replaced a piece of sponge. I used these pedals by hand not by foot :-)
Mostly used on my RETROGENE album...


The ALESIS MMT-8 vintage pattern sequencer was used for KORG i5M in the begining of my electronic music era and later for the AKAI SG01v as a drum sequencer.


This Roland VS-840 Digital Studio Workstation was used as a HDR on my concerts before I have got the ALESIS FUSION HD. I exchanged the ZIP drive to a SD card reader. Then it was faster, and had got more capacity.