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What can you found here?

Drivers, utils, patches, goodies for the KORG RADIAS

My music

KORG RADIAS downloads

Control map

EDIROL PCR-300/500/800 series control map for KORG RADIAS in mid format
Cakewalk instrument file for RADIAS (with blank program names)

Banks, programs, patches by me

A cool, agressive synth drum program interpretation (rdp format) by "gattobus" KORG MS20 video guide
LiPI's free soundset

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Banks, programs, patches by others

Radias Artist programs by KORG Inc. (RADIAS editor's .rdl format)
microKORG factory banks for RADIAS (RADIAS editor's .rdl format)
R3 factory bank for RADIAS (RADIAS editor's .rdl format)
Sonic Sirius 6 free R3 soundbanks for RADIAS (RADIAS editor's .rdl format)
7 of MS2000 banks for RADIAS (RADIAS editor's .rdl format)
The 11 of MS2000 "Yahoo 128 Bank" (from yahoo group) for RADIAS (RADIAS editor's .rdl format)
The timbres of the RADIAS factory bank (3 rdl file in a zip)

Firmware, editor

RADIAS firmware and editor upgrades

Program sorter for RADIAS editor's rdl files

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RADIAS Librarian

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