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mDC++ which is a CZDC++ mod is still under development, adding some more features useful for operators and users as well. I've already requested PPK, CZDC++ author to add some new features when I decided to do it myself as I like. Let me mention that PPK have done a great work. CZDC++ is a nice and stable client. That's why I've chosen this one. Thanx PPK :)
 My name is Mickey and I've been programming since 1989 (Pascal, Basic, Assambly, Delphi) but I'm still a beginner in C++ :( So let me start evolving myself with this client. I hope I can add some nice features (mainly for OPs) you will love. First I'll start with features found in other clients and I would like to see in this one too. I will call this client mDC++ after I have a cool logo and some more new features. I don't know how far I'll go with this client, I'll see and decide later.
I didn't want to start a homepage. A friend of mine sugessted me and I started. Of course I'm planning to have a forum here as well.
Latest releases:
mDC++v0.668[D2] source
mDC++v0.670[G1] source
mDC++v0.673[I1] source
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