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My most influencing musical experience was in 1986. A real guitar hero, Santana played at the MTK stadium.

What's the big deal about it? Nowadays, you can easily listen to any song ever recorded on the internet, or you might find concert videos for free.

That time, in '86 the musicians of Western Europe and the USA hardly ever came to Hungary, and their performance was only avaible on VHS.

Santana's music really got me through the album Moonfloower.


The thing is, what you can do with a piece of wood and six string is a wonder. In a concert He not just plays that guitar, his whole soul is in the music. The instrument is for us, to feel the happiness, the harmony, the beauty and peace of his soul when he's playing.

Music starts playing, and all the sudden your feet are tapping, and
you can't stand not to shake your head and clap your hands.
In the end, you're dancing with your whole body. That feeling is,
which created our band, the Milagro - and the love of Santana's music
as well.

So we play not just Santana tracks, but a complete live show.
Songs sound perfectly in the studio, but they really live on stage.
His concerts are about freedom, creativity, happiness and beauty. He
plays what he "should" play in that very moment. What's inside him.
That shine and light we'd like to give whoever comes to our concert,
to forget the day-to-day fight. And for that time, let music be the
only thing in mind. Music, which brings us happiness and peace.
Because that's why we live. This is miracle itself.

This is the MILAGRO.