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The idea of making a band came up years earlier, but the band was formed in 2010. Forming members Csonka Zoltán and Belicza András started to look forward to other members of the band. they wanted mostly younger musicians, who are not afraid of trying new things, and who are masters of their instrument.

They got lucky: pretty fast they find the perfect guys, and the band was ready to rock.

Rádi Tamás

Tamás Radi: on the keyboard, he is the man and he's got a very good sense to Hamond organs. He is very good at expressing himself in a whole new musical environment.

Bakó Árpád

Árpád Bakó: In the rithm section he plays the basses. Not just play, he is "slappin' the bass".

Zombori Attila

Attila Zombori: The youngest member of the band. As young as enthusiastic and talended on the drums.

Uzsorás Ádám

Ádám Uzsorás: The singer. It is not an easy job. Santana works with several singers, and each have a different style. But he's doing his best, by the way he also plays some rythm instrument.

Monori Jani

Jani Monori: He plays the kongas. He has quite much experience, he trawelled though the globe, and he was a forming member of the band Dub Dub.

Belicza Andris

András Belicza: He plays timbales and he do vocals as well. He's got musical history: he was a member of the only Dire Straits tribute band in Hungary.

Csonka Zoltán

Zoltán Csonka: In this group, the guitarist has the most thankful and unthankful part. You can't just play the same as Santana - because nobody can :). Zoli plays the solos by himself, fulfilling the music with his soul.