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Gambling online

Affiliate marketing seems to be one of the best ways to generate traffic and it goes along with improved conversions.

Social signals

Google is now becoming more interested in social vibrance than ever - it takes social bookmarks and links form visited websites with more weight and pagerank no longer counts as an important indicator.

Google PageRank


Online casino gambling

Google serach is used to find online casino resources - gaming portals, bonuses and reviews. Fortunately, there are online casino guides that help players finding what they are really looking for - safe and trusted online casinos with the best bonuses.

It seems that 2015 has brought a lot of changes for every spectrum of the world wide web. It was time for google to really crack down on spammers, paid link buyers and link farm builders. Also, content farming was killed a year ago and unrelated links in unrelated content is now penalized by google algo.

Offering a link bait and generating subscriptions maybe a seo proof solution - free slot games for example may attrack lots of traffic and visitors can be reactivated via e-mail, social sites as well.

Now it is becoming more and more obvious that old strategies do not work any longer - this is particularly true for gambling and adult content sites. Clean, above the table tactics work. All you need to do is strictly follow google quality guide lines.

What a good online gambling site should do?

To get more traffic gaming sites and affilaites should build content that meets visitors requirements. No seo copies are acceptable if you really care about bounce rates, conversions and quality traffic.

Stay away from paid links and link building networks as many of them are known to gogole so getting links form places described may negatively impact your rankings.

More sources:

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In terms of conversions getting traffic from sites like xvideos.com via pop unders is not the way to go. Once you have budget to waste money - it can be a way, though.


In 2015 we can conclude that google is the right marketing tool for the gaming market.


What worked in the past may not be working after new panda and penguine google algo updates. Links in the footer or in unrealted pages are signs of improper linking strategies.

Same anchor text pointing to same pages are also a bad strategy and velocity of new links and links lost should be at an acceptable level when considering link building to make your online biusiness grow.

internet gaming is not only fun - especially for those playing for real money
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