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People who use google or other search engines are qualified prospects
who may have already made
the decision to place an order for a product or service!

The best looking website designs will NOT give your business any addtional boost if it can't be found by a
search engine like google.

Each page of your site has to be content rich, search engine friendly and should be easily found by potential customers using relevant search terms or expressions.

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Search Engine Optimisation - Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (or website optimization) involves marketing and technical strategies to ensure the position of your website in the top10 of search engine rankings to boost quality traffic and thus enhance the visitor to customer conversion.

and SEO especially is now a priority for many businesses around the world - and can be the competitive edge over your rivals.

Tumblr is a good way to promote your business by blogging such as this site: hairtransplantabroad.tumblr.com

We have been performing search engine optimisation projects with companies all over in Hungary, improving their visibility by increasing their rankings and attracting more visitors to reach more online customers. Our SEO specialist use state-of-the-art google friendly technology to boost traffic.

There are really compatitve fields - like gambling, medical tourism and webshops in general. We have helped a number of businesses to get better rankings and more traffic from google natural search.

We have experience with dental holidays to Hungary as well as areas like hair restoration procedures - we not only optimize content, build links and set seo paramters - we actually learn new business areas to have a better understatnding of the business to provide the best service. We support major European languages and we have worked in markets like Ireland, Uk, Italy, Spain or the multilingual Switzerland in 3 different languages for zahn-arzt-ungarn.ch that proved to be difficult at the beginning but we finally sorted it out.

Optimisation brings about an increase in qualified quality traffic and generate more customer enquiries that ultimately will convert to sales. People arriving via the search engines are likely to be in the market for your products and services - they are potential clients.

Search engine marketing is the key to a successful website that will enable potential customers to find and visit a website.



- dental implants
- hair transplant
- dental clinic
- FUE technique
- crowns and bridges

- Budapest, Hungary

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