Last update: 2/November/2011

The dates of the events

  • 6th WSC 6-10 November, 2011
  • 20th WPC 8-13 November, 2011
  • 11th 24HPC, 14-15 November, 2011

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The place of the events: Eger, Hotel Eger&Park (same as WPC2005)

For those who will Eger (and Hungary) for the first time, here’s some information:

Eger is quite a small, historical town in north-east part of Hungary, with a nice castle from the middle-age.

You can take a virtual tour in Eger on the internet:

From Budapest Airport Eger is only 140 km on highway (1,5 hour), we’ll wait all the participants on the airport and on the railways station.
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Some useful facts about the hotel

  • All the rooms were renovated in the past few years, all of them is air-conditioned, most of them are non-smoking rooms.
  • There’re some special rooms for disabled person (e.g. with wheel chairs).
  • In the lobby and in the rooms you can use the hotel’s WiFi-internet connection free of charge. In the room a cable-internet connection also provided.
  • The following facilities will be free of charge for you in the hotel: using the wellness section, the swimming pool, the sauna and the fitness room.
  • If you’re coming by car – we’ll provide a safety parking place for you in the hotel.

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Some useful facts about Hungary:

  • The time-zone is GMT +1 hour (EST +6 hours).
  • Hungary is member of the European Union, so if you’re allowed to travel to the EU without visa (or even without passport), you won’t have any trouble. If you need visa, we can provide you an invitation letter in order to help your visa application. Please check your country’s status on the website of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs (, where you download the Visa Application Forms – if it’s need.
  • Hungary is not the member of the euro-zone, our currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). Now the daily rate (which is quite hectic due to the economy crisis) is 1 EUR = 295 HUF and 1 USD = 210 HUF. The abbreviation of the forint, what you'll seen on price tags is Ft.
  • In Hungary the electricity’s voltage is 220 V, the frequency is 50 Hz. If you have a different one in your country and you’d like to use your equipment in Hungary, please bring a switcher with you.
  • The weather in November is quite vary: sometimes above 20 Celsius, sometimes under 10 Celsius in daytime, so it’s highly recommend to come with some warm clothes.
  • Even in the popular touristy areas only the major shops accept Euro or USD in cash, but you can pay in most of the shops and in the hotels with major credit cards, bank cards.

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The puzzles

I’m happy to announce that the structure of the event and the puzzle-sets are almost ready, but we don’t want to publish all the details about each puzzle part right now, just one week before the event (as usual) – you can see the tentative schedule on the website of the events ( Please note, that there could be some minor change (especially in the length of the puzzle parts), because we’re still compiling and testing the puzzle sets.

Most of the puzzles are provided by Zoltán Horváth, Zoltán Németh, Pál Madarassy, László Mérő, László Osvalt, Gyula Slenker, Boglar Major, Károly Kresz and Zoltán Gyimesi.


In order to help your team practising for the upcoming event, I’m offer to visit the LMI’s website, because in July there was a contest with Hungarian puzzles ( The Hungarian National Championship was hold on 17th September, and both of the puzzle sets (WSC and WPC qualifying test) is available.
The WSC Instrcution Booklet is available directly from here. (PDF-file, 1,2 MB).
The WPC Instrcution Booklet is available directly from here. (PDF-file, 1,5 MB).

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Puzzles from the Hungarian Championship

  • Part 1-2-3-4 was used to select the WSC-team, Part 4-5-6 was for the WPC-selection.
  • The results of the Hungarian Selection: WSC, WPC.

24-Hour Puzzle Championship

We were ask by some puzzlers to organise our yearly event together with the WSC-WPC. We discussed it, and we’re willing to do it, if there will be a large amount of puzzlers who cannot try it in other times. As because we have enough work with the WSC-WPC puzzles, we’d like to use “foreign” puzzles – so we’ll provide only the accommodation for the event.
Now, the decision is final, if the WSC+WPC is not enough for you, you can test your skills on the 11th 24 HPC, too.
The registration fee is 180 Euros in double room and 220 Euros in single room.
Those who're compiling puzzle set, 40 Euros discount will be provided.

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The amount of the participants:

Because this year’s event will be the first double event, we would like to continue most of the previous year’s rules, in every cases we chose the higher number, so

- each team will be formed by 4 puzzlers (both on WSC, both on WPC), because the WPC’s teams were always 4-membered

- on the WPF 4, on the WSC 6 individuals per country will be listed on the official ranking (like in the past), the other member of the delegation can take part on the individual parts, but they will be regarded as ‘unofficials’  (cannot get bonus points and awards)

- one team per country will be listed on the official ranking (as usual), the other team will be regarded as ‘unofficial’ (cannot get bonus points and awards)

The name of the official individuals and the list of the A-team should be finalised before the start of the event.

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The registration fees for the official team members + team captains are (double room/single room):

WSC: 350/450 euros (4 nights)

WPC: 400/520 euros (5 nights)

WSC+WPC: 550/700 euros (7 nights)

The registration fee for the guests and for those who has special requirement (like plus/minus nights) will be calculated personally on the daily rates of the costs.

The fees are covered the transferring between the airports/railway stations to the hotel, meals from the first day’s dinner until the last day’s breakfast, the excursion, extra programs in the evenings and of course the puzzles :-)
Late arrive and early departure is possible without extra charge on the first and the last days of the events.

For the non-official puzzlers extra 25% fee will be charged for the double rooms fee. (We won’t charge it for those puzzlers who are officially participants on WSC as a 5th or 6th puzzler, and would like take part on the WPC as well.) If they want a single room, we’ll charge for them the guest’s fee.

WSC: 435 Euros (4 nights)

WPC: 500 Euros (5 nights)

WSC+WPC: 685 Euros (7 nights)


For the guests extra 50% fee will be charged – but they get a single room for this price. If they accept a double room, we’ll charge for them the non-official puzzlers’ fee.

WSC: 525 Euros (4 nights)

WPC: 600 Euros (5 nights)

WSC+WPC: 825 Euros (7 nights)

For the 24-HPC the registration fee is 180 Euros in double room and 220 Euros in single room.
Those who're compiling puzzle set, 40 Euros discount will be provided.

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The registration fees should be sent to the bank account of the ROE, not later than 4 weeks before the event. For unique request this deadline can be overstepped, but please ask for it in advance. For special and acceptable reasons will accept your payment in cash in Eger.
More infor contact the organisers.

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More info will be followed here and on the Facebook.

Please use this e-mail address ( about all the matters of the double event.


Best regards on behalf of the organising committee,


György István

chairman, ROE



Rejtvényfejtõk Országos Egyesülete

Hungarian Puzzlers' Association



Mobil: +36-30-9342-173

Fax: +36-1-210-3956