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Norbertine Abbey of Csorna


St Norbert of Xanten founded the Order of the Canons Regular of Prémontré in 1121. The founder died as archbishop of Magdeburg on 6th June 1134. His order follows the Rule of St Augustine. The first Premonstratensian monastery in Hungary was established at Varadhegyfok in 1130. It was in 1180 that a member of the aristocratic Osl family founded the Provostry (Abbey) of Csorna. The canonns regular of the abbey were engaged in the missionary work and in the pastoral ministry in Hungary. A special service of the medieval abbey was to issue official documents, as well. The Turkish occupation interrupted the religious life in Csorna for more than 150 years (1542-1700). From 1802 to 1949 the Abbey had two secondary schools: one in Szombathely and another in Keszthely. A third was founded by the Abbey in Csorna in 1947. The Communist regime supressed the abbey and its schools in 1950. After the fall of the Comunists in Hungary the monks returned to Csorna and, in 1994, they reestablished one of their former schools: the secondary school in Szombathely. Besides the ministry to the youth the Norbertines of Csorna also serve in diocesan parishes.


Mission of the community: education and pastoral ministry in schools and parishes

Foundation of the monastery: 1180

Central House of the Order of the Norbertines:
Curia Generalitia Ord. Praem.
Amplissimus Dominus THOMAS HANDGRÄTINGER Abbas Generalis, Dominus Praemonstratensis
Address: Viale Giotto, 27; I-00153 Roma; Olaszország
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Csornai Premontrei Prépostság
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Premontrei Rendi Szent Norbert Gimnázium

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