Upgrade routerstation firmware from Openwrt daily snapshot. 

Just a small note to myself, because I have forgotten it again.

Connect the RS board to your PC trough it's WAN port.
Give static IP to your PC in the subnet.
(IP mask: gw:

cd to your Openwrt's bin directory. (bin/ar71xx)
Power up your RS (trough POE) while holding down it's reset button.
You can release it when the RF led starts light.
Run tftp in the bin/ar71xx directory:

put openwrt-ar71xx-ubnt-rs-squashfs-factory.bin

If the process is successful then wait 5-6 minutes. Once the upgrade is finished you the RS will reboot itself.
You will notice it because the wired connection is downed during the reset.

After the reboot it will wait a few minutes, because it erases jffs2 filesystem, and it is takes a long time.
Don't panic, it will finish it.

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