Some Hisilicon HI3515 embedded Linux investigation 

In my last post I have been blogged about a Hisilicon HI3515 based DVR recorder.

The device itself functioning well, except the web interface which requires ActiveX control installation which is unavailable for my system.
After a quick look at the u-boot I have figured out that we can boot the kernel through tftp without hurting the Flash device.

The first interesting project is the ezbox:

The project itself is very strange.
It provides a buiold system for different embedded devices (AR7240 based routers, HI3515 based Multimedia Processing Platform, x86 based CNC controller)

It includes the liloutdistro for a Hisilicon HI3515 MPPP Multimedia Procesing Platform.

This also includes some binary kernel blobs for handling the HI3515 peripherials:

There are serveral sample programs including binary only libraries in the distro also, but without source.

So we are blessed with some binary only stuffs around for the 2.6.24 kernel only without any examples. Don't panic, use the google-fu.

First interestingstuff is this SDK from our chinese friends: ... 62702.html

The second one is the smartmind project: ... 1x_device/

And the last one: ... k%2F%20fvp

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