Daily rant - CS lab CSMIO/IP-M firmware update - Float point division by zero. 

I got a task to get a CSMIO/IP-M based machine running.
First I have started the experimentation in Virtualbox.
Installed MACH3, and the CSLab plugin. From MACH 3 it says it needs firmware update. Okay, let's check the firmware updater!

I have started to have bad feelings when it started with the following message:

Float point division by zero.


After passing this dialog here is the main screen:

Okay, it must be some problem with the Virtualbox.
So I have setup a Windows based machine, and it produced the same there. Contacted with the support, but no response.

While waiting to their support I have fired up my VBox and accidentally resized my Virtualbox window, and guess what:

After this trick I have been able to flash my drive and use the MACH3 later.

Driven by the curiosity I have tried to change the resolution on the native machine, but it did not helped, however the buttons are working even if you do not see anything in the window. So if you need this tool try to click blindly and it will ask for the FW upload file. They attached two files, nothing says which one needs to be flashed, so T have flashed both and it runs now.


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