DJI Phantom I GPS receiver (DJI 11-22 V2) repair attempt  

I have bought a sunken PH1 around a year ago, managed to get it fly, but it is not able to see the GPS signal properly.

I have hooked up the board to my saleae and I have wrapped this tool to read the Saleae logic analyzer output CSV:

It turned out that it see some satellites, but the link quality is very poor: CNO (Carrier to Noise ratio) was mostly 0 and sometimes 28-30.

So I have replaced the ublox receiver module (to an uBlox 6T), it see more satellites, with better CNo (27-33) but still no signal lock in the system.

I have ordered today a ANT1575-2540A from the TME and we will see.
There is a ALM-1912-BLKG in the antenna path, but I have not been able to source it yet. And my hopes to the antenna is pretty high :D.

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