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  • Request for sponsorship

    The Organizing Committee warmly appeals to all those who wish to financilly support the success of this prestigious cross-border event in order to highlight the importance of monitoring in situ behavior of constructions, as a source of scientific and technical progress in both design and operation. In their offer contact the Congress Secretariat.

  • The first news...

    The first time - traditional creation order - will be held near the Oradea-Felix bath in the Carpathian Basin, civil engineers to an international conference, which is the site of works dealing with the examination. Detailed information on our website, we provide some of the information available for download.

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  • Nagyvárad

    Oradea (Nagyvárad) Town-hall More »

  • CNCisC

    CNSisC Comisia Nationala Comportarea in situ a Constructiilor, Bucharest
    Bihor County Commission "In Situ Behavior and Diagnosis of Constructions", Oradea More »

  • University of Oradea

    University of Oradea, Faculty of Constructions and Architecture More »

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