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"I love to heat you!" - Waldorf blofeld

Hmmm... The blofeld...
I think the Waldorf blofeld is the most divisive synth on the world. A lot of people buy it, heard it and sold it in a few months.
A lot of people can't imagine their life without blofeld.
And here is me...
A few years ago I had got a blofeld, then I sold it. Then now I buy one again...
Becouse I learned a lot in the last years about sound design, synth programming, etc.

I learned how to and why love the synth what I heat! :D

    Pros as I think:
  • Build Quality/Form Factor: A metal enclosure with 7 endless metal knobs. The encoders are stable and/or easily repairable today. The metal enclosure is heavy, so my Blofeld is sit stable on any surface.
  • Quick Editing – The physical parameter matrix with default mappings set to common parameters is good visible, easily visible.
  • Multi mode: it's open the possibilities for the layered younds.
  • 16 slots modulation matrix: even the LFO's self modulating ;)
  • Sonic palette
  • 1024 patch memory

    Cons as I think:
  • Multi mode is buggy.
  • The FX usage in multi mode is horrible!
  • The max. 25 of poliphony not enough for 16 multimbral ... Except when you use 16x mono/1 OSC sound... :-D
  • Bad sync... The LFO's tempo sync is buggy. The external clock source following is incidental.
  • There is no EQ at all.
  • More then 100 Euros for the SL License on the desktop modells!?!?!?!?
  • There is no MIDI OUT/THRU on desktop modells!
  • There is no individual OUTs...
  • There is no official librarian. Third party only.

Here are some tips for a better sounding blofeld synth on your desktop:

The most common parameter what is wrong in a blofeld patch is the volume. Usually it has some value, and some velocity value in the amplifier section.
The velocity sensitivity is a two step parameter in the blofeld. On of is above, and the other is in the Amlifier Mod section.
For example if you want a drum/perc/piano like sound you want a loud sound in full speed note on and a quiet at a slow note on.
Set the Amplifier for that:
- Volume: 0
- Velocity: +64
- Mod Source: Velocity
- Mod Amount: +64
Usually it's good for pads too... Now

Worth to buy these soundsets (IMHO)

      License SL (With License SL you got:)
    •     -Alien-Space-Collaborative
    •     -TechnoHouse-Bank
  • -Lanthans Soundset
  • -Pulsophonic - Sounds of the universe
  • -Waldorf Blofeld - Analog Voltage Soundset by Don Solaris
  • -Waldorf Blofeld - Electric Body Machinery Soundset by Ari Ahrendt
  • -Blofeld - Monster Pack MKII
  • -Synth Attack
    • Mine soundsets:
    •     -The Deep space soundset by LiPI
    •     -The Deep space II. soundset by LiPI
    •     -The Deep Ambient Soundset by LiPI
    •     -The Deep Ambient II. Soundset by LiPI
    •     -The Hubble - a Space Ambient soundset by LiPI