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Updated on 25/07/2018.
I just missed some librarian features from the KORG RADIAS Editor, ie.: the program sort capability...
So I getting myself deep in the RADIAS and write a utility in JAVA for my best synth :)
Since the Korg editor software doesn't even work on the latest computer OS versions my librarian does, becouse it's platform independent by JAVA programming and it's run under JRE (not under OS).

On 05/05/2018 I just released the RADIASLibrarianv2.3 The previous version of the librarian is no longer available.

The RADIASLibrarianv2.3 has a big and some small new features.
- can run on MAC OSx, Windows XP,7,8,8.1,10 and x64 versions, and Linux;
- there is no menu just tabbed panes; the necessary functions are available by buttons on panes;
- the MIDI tab has a log window;
- the MIDI devices now are in a list, no in combox;
- in some cases there are same name for MIDI IN and OUT devices, now the name is extracted with hashcode;
- the tables now has a filter field to quick search in tables;
- in the randomizer section you can select the destination timbre to randomize;
- in the randomizer section now available randomizing the individual osc's, filters etc. not just both;
- the randomizer section has a new button to initialize the random program in the RADIAS;
- there is a new feature, the TimbreCombinator. It's allow you to select and collect timbres to a new program from the library's programs;

My librarian

- can run on MAC OSx, Windows XP,7,8,8.1,10 and x64 versions, and Linux;
- can read/write the original RADIAS Editor’s .rdl files;
- can export programs as individual rdp files to your "Home"\Documents directory;
- can import programs from R3 editor's r3l files;
- can import programs from MS2000 and microKORG syx files (the delay/modfx section is corrected on 27/02/2017);
- can import programs from microKORGXL's mkxl_all files;
- can store more then 256 programs;
- can sort programs by program number, program name, programmer name or comment;
- can set the program category, programmer name and comment on multiple programs;
- can randomize a selected timbre's synthesizer parameters by 15 groups;
- can randomize a selected timbre's MODSEQ1~3 parameters;
- can combine timbres (with assigned ARP/SEQ settings) from any of programs in library in to a new program;
- can create Cakewalk Instrument file for DAW usage;

Known issues:
- in some cases there are same name for MIDI IN and OUT devices, now it's solved: the name is extracted with hashcode;
- the vocoder patches are not perfectly converted;
- the MS2000, microKORG, microkorgXL and R3's DWGS/PCM wavetables are different then RADIAS PCM wavetables - may you need tweaking after importing files if you think...
- the TimbreCombinator section's bug is solved. Now the right timbre's assigned ARP/SEQ is moved from source to TESTProgram.
- the R3 and microKORGXL patches are did not stayed in RADIAS memory after power off even thought you wrote it. Now it's solved.
There is a button on Library Import/Export tab to correct that mistake in the old libraries (before v2), so you don't need to reconverting the imported programs!

(Download the zip file by clicking on the picture above, unpack the all files to a folder i.e.: c:\RADIASLibrarian then run it (double click) from your PC locally by JRE )

Operation manual, installation guide

The installation is same as the previous versions... like in this video:

This software is as is. You can use it only for your liabilty!

This software under license of LiPI! Please do not
- share, but across my website:;
- do not sell;

LiPI make no warranties at all! Not for your
- RADIAS damage;
- computer damage;
- your health including your earth;

LiPI is not liable at all by incidents caused using this software!

With the usage of this software you automatically accept above!

I spend a lot of hour to made this utility. It's free for your personal usage, but if you feel free to make donation by PayPal you can :)
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It's a donationware software, please respect my work and my rights. Thank you!