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Now, the families haven't got the gift deeds (ennobling letters), but the questing is in process.



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AD 1232 "Petri et Pauli de Bagd" (Peter and Pal Bagdy) had been ennobled. Only noble Peter and Pal Bagdy's descendants can use the Bagdy (=Bagdi) surname from that time. (I want to notice here that there is ill blood between the living Bagdi families.) They got donation in the territory of the Sarkad, Nagyszalonta, Geszt triangle (in the Eastern of Hungary, Bihar county). They settled down with their families and established Bagd village. In the XVII. century the Tartar revaged it several times and destroyed it. They put some resident on the spot or  they just strapped them and made away with them to Turkey. The village had been re-established in the late 1600'th, with the name Hajdu-Bagdi. The Romanians eliminated it, in 1919. The name of the accommodation road between Nagyszalonta's railway-station and the one-time field of Bagd is still Bagdi-road, and the name of the territory is Hajdu-Bagdi bleak. It is supported by documents that the Bagdi-s were the founder of the nearby village, Peterhaza too, which was mentioned in 1290. for the first time. We can tell about these two villages that, these were gentry parishes, which means that there were mansions and the homes of the bondage side by side. Only Hungarians lived there till the ruination. Our other tenures were, in Bihar county: Cserepes, Lapos; in Bekes county: Nemeti and Kamuti, as well as the Nagy- and Kiskereki and the Pokafalva tenure.



















The South-West end of Bihar county


According to the sources, only one Bagdy family survived the Turkish annexation. This family was Ferenc Bagdy's family, whose probably brother was Istvan, who was the vice-comes of Arad county (the second man of the county). He got an emblazoned gout in 1494. Istvan's son was Gyorgy, who was the assistant of Boldizsar Bornemissza (major-captain of Transylvania). About 1552. he took to wife Istvan Bocskai's (the Prince of Transylvania) sister Sara. Gyorgy became an alderman of the  Council of Resident of Transylvania. One of his castles is in Balavasar (near by Marosvasarhely), his other castle (residential-tower) is in Balazsfalva, which was built in 1534. Now it is the archdeaconry of the orthodox bishop.

After the ruination of Bagd, the family moved to Geszt. The szentmihaly-side of the family left Geszt for the first time. It was like this, that Szentmihaly (Tiszavasvari) became the second home of the genus. The starters of the several sides left "the mother country" (Geszt and Szentmihaly) one after the other in the hope of they can have a newer life. Our family is a long family, it is nearly the longest Hungarian noble family, thanks to the ancestry.

The family is originally reformed, only 2 sides (Kalmanhaza, Tiszatelke) are catholic, which have own stories. Probably Lukacs was a minister on that score he got the coat-of-arms from Prince Bethlen. But Lukacs wasn't the only minister in the family, like Istvan, son of the great author, song-writer and lyricist Istvan Bagdy (1882-1953). Istvan minister wrote the local history of Pesterzsebet (district of Budapest), his daughter is Dr. Emoke Bagdy psychologist, professor.

The Bagdi-s were resided in every momentous affair of the Hungarian history. There was minister, teacher, farmer, furrier, magistrate, vice-comes, militiaman, officer, policeman, vitez (member of a Hungarian order), author, engineer, doctor, jurist, researcher, politician and economist in the family. Divers of the members of the family are received and famous specialists.

Marton Bagdi already wrote a book with title: Manual for the noble Bagdi and Bagdy and for the noble Tömöri and Tömöry families. He is working on his new book about the prehistory of the family (He found out that the extraction of the Bagdy family not Hungarian but Hun.)

If someone interested in his/her familytree, then contact with Marton, because he would make it for 100.000 HUF and he would give fresh family-historical story with it.

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Map of South-Western of Bihar county (Hungary)

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