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The Bagdy (=Bagdi) family is a European (Hungarian) noble family. The family was ennobled in the Middle Ages (in AD 1232) by the King of Hungary, Andrew II. They got manor in Eastern Hungary (in Bihar county). The family established Bagd village on this territory. The Turkish (Ottoman) army wasted the village several times and in the XVII. Century they burnt it down. In AD 1290. the family established Peterhaza too.

Long time after that, the family had been diversified. There are living sides on every continents. But the most remarkable sides are still in Hungary. They started the life by several sides (Geszt, Mezosas, Biharugra, Bihar-nagybajom, Korosladany, Devavanya, Torokszentmiklos, Tiszavasvari (Szentmihaly), Hajduboszormeny, Debrecen, Viss, Tiszaeszlar, Kalmanhaza, Tiszatelek). Today, there are families in every county of Hungary, but most of them moved to Budapest . The charted living relatives are over than 40.000 people.

The first Genusy World Meeting happened in 2001, at the Reformed Temple of Debrecen. The family's "official" researcher is Marton Bagdi, who aimed that he would map the whole family.

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