Install driver inf under Windows 7 from command line side notes... 

Just a side note to this blogpost: ... 529-094303

The method only works if the INF file has a DefaultInstall key.

Something like this:

; Default Installer


Also I have learned how to get rid from a device driver totally:
List installed drivers with pnputil -e.
Find the appropiate one (oem[n].inf)
Uninstall the devices from device manager using this driver
Run pnputil -d oem[n].inf to delete the driver
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Cisco conference phone - permanent DECT removal... 

I have been lucky to "legally" take apart some Cisco conference phones to PERMANENTLY remove the unused and unknown DECT functionality because if the locale is set to wrong country in the device it might cause some interfence with the UMTS frequencies which is illegal in my country and not tolerated well by the goverment agencies...

The DECT module is manufactured by the Dialog semi can be seen on the left. (SC14441) The main SoC, flash, RAM should live under the shield, but I have not delved more deeper because we wanted to keep the warranty (there are no stamped screws to provide evidence to the device tampering).

There are a plenty of unpopulated debug headers on the board (I think mostly JTAG).

The board has only oneintresting text on the silkscreen:
Beignet Base 1000706-00 revK
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Acer Aspire V3-531 camera pinout 

We have used a salvaged PK40000K300 camera in our robot for the 10th Applied sciences competition:

Pinout for reference:
GND: Orange
+3.3V: Black! Don't ask why.
D-: Brown
D+ Orange

It has pretty good quality compared to another notebook cams what I have seen before.

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IBM Thinkpad T420 camera USB pinout 

I have salvaged a builtin camera from an IBM Thinkpad T420 notebook.
After some DMM peek-poke I have managed to figure out the USB pinout:

VUSB: Yellow
GND: White
D-: Green
D+: Orange

The rest of the wires are for the MICs I think.
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Noname ("Made In China" ) 320A brushed car ESC from EBAY teardown and reverse engineering 

Some time ago I have bought a low cost ESC for my Tamiya Thundershot from Ebay. Something like this one:

I was always curious about the internal of these stuffs, but I never find any documentation about things like this.

MCU: EM788P153 (OTP)
FETs: 6 IRL3803 (2x2 parallel in forward direction, 1x2 in reverse).
Holtek HT7150 LDO for servos in SOT-89 package. In some ebay shots I can see modifications around that area with a DPAK LDO.

Update: revenged power stage.
Looks like it has a 20V step up converter, an using an LM339 in comparator mode to drive the FETs.
Also notice that it has a dedicated direction where 4 FETs are used while in reverse only 2 but this operation mode is when you drive the negative to the red motor cable and the positive to the black one!:

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