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Lime Rock Park
Lime Rock Park was built in the mid to late 1950s by Jim Vaill, on the site of a cornfield/gravel pit on land owned by his father. Vaill's friend Jack Fisher owned an MG-TC, and they often drove it rapidly in circles in the cornfield at the top of the hill; in real life Vaill operated the gravel pit that was on the site, in the north face of the hill (the gravel pit was located roughly where the A Paddock restrooms and the Driving Impressions store are now located.)

A rumor developed that a race track was being built on the site, and a number of SCCA members showed up to investigate one day in 1955. Upon reflection, Vaill decided that a race track sounded like a good idea to him, so he laid out a course on an aerial photograph, selected one of his bulldozers, and went to work. He relocated Salmon Creek to the north side of the main straightaway; to this day, heavy rain storms give the impression that Salmon Creek is trying reestablish itself in A Paddock.

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