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Pebble Beach
The annual "Del Monte Trophy" was run on the streets of Pebble Beach beginning in 1950 and ending in 1956 after driver Ernie McAfee died racing his Ferrari into a tree (very easy to do, as you will see). Over the winter the locals made arrangements for some local government land to be set aside for a purpose-built race track. The next year Laguna Seca ("dry lagoon" in Spanish) was opened. Road racing forever shifted from Pebble Beach to Laguna Seca, which is barely five miles away and a far better facility, as any modern racer will tell you.

In its first year (1950), the Pebble Beach Road Race was run on a shorter course than the one you see here. It was 1.8 miles long and cut off the sharp left-hand turn and the hairpin of the newer course, T3 and T4. This portion of the track was actually packed dirt; it was never paved and is still not paved to this day.

This 1.8-mile short course was used only once. For the six subsequent races (1951 - 56) the track was extended to 2.1 miles by adding the turns mentioned above. The road immediately following the hairpin (T4) was not paved during that time. In fact, much of that road is still not paved today.

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