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Lime Rock Mountain
Lime Rock Park was built in the mid to late 1950s by Jim Vaill, on the site of a cornfield/gravel pit on land owned by his father. Vaill's friend Jack Fisher owned an MG-TC, and they often drove it rapidly in circles in the cornfield at the top of the hill; in real life Vaill operated the gravel pit that was on the site, in the north face of the hill (the gravel pit was located roughly where the A Paddock restrooms and the Driving Impressions store are now located.)

Vaill's original plans were for both the short circuit that we know today, and an extended 3 mile long "Mountain Circuit", which would have used the hill east of the track. The trees were bulldozed for the mountain circuit, but it was never built. The path of the "Mountain Circuit" may be traced today on foot by the intrepid.

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