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My favourite amplifiers are the Pass Labs amps, and other Class A amplifiers. I do not have too much time for my hobby, therefore I build my stuff for long time and just for fun. For some projects the update can be late too...


Bride of Zen preamplifier, Balanced Zen Linestage, Aleph L (new), Aleph P,
Classé DR-6 (new)


Zen amplifier, Aleph 3, Aleph 30 (updated!), Aleph 60, Aleph X, JLH 15W,
Classé DR-9 (new), Classé DR-3 (new)


Onkyo DX7711 CD player modification, SMD-DIP module, building of Kwak Clock7

ProAc 2.5 clone

building pictures (update coming soon)


nothing here at the moment :(


here you can find my favourite audio links

Other stuff

DIY AC filter and outlet, audio components, OBD diagnostic interface



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