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In these pages you can find informations, drivers, utilities, patches etc. for synthesizers, mostly for KORG synthesizers.

You can also find some link for my music, and music productions where I'm presented.

ROLAND FA SN-S editor v1.15

Updated on 19/04/2018!

Version history:
1.0 :
- first public release;
- the frames are resizable;
- minor GUI changes;
- MFX Control Destination parameter bug solved;
- minor GUI changes;
- the PCMWave parameter bug solved;
- minor GUI changes;
-new feature added: MFX Favourite presets - see the manual!

-file separator issue on MAC is solved;

-minor GUI update: better state visibilty of the toggle buttons;

-note sync rate value issue in MFX's is solved;

-it will be inform you when a new version is available;

-it will be inform you when MFXFavourite list is not saved but changed;

ROLAND FA Editor/Randomizer v1.1 User Manual

There are a few SN-S editor on the net, but usually they are for MAC/iPAD, they are don't handle the MFX section and don't give to us any way to export individual tones.

My editor's goals:
- run on all platform (MAC OS, Windows, Linux, x86 and x64 too);
- can save a tone to sysex file (none of other editor can do that);
- can load sysex files with tones and/or studio set (none of other editor can do that);
- can handle the MFX section (none of other editor can do that);
- can handle favourite MFX presets (none of other editor can do that);
- can randomize parameters by partials and sections (OSC, LFO, etc..) (none of other editor can do that);
- can run paralell with any DAW although it's a standalone editor (none of other editor can do that);
- can select and get any of the Preset and User bank tones;
- can work on any part of the 1~16;

Known issues:
- none;

Click on the picture above to download!

The Blofeld is back again

In this time in black coat. ;)
I have to revisiting my relationship with the Waldorf Blofeld. In this time I hunt him new mission then in the past...


Updated on 25/07/2018!

On 08/03/2017 I just released the RADIASLibrarianv2.1 The previous versions of the librarian is no longer available.

The RADIASLibrarianv2.1 has a big and some small new features.
- can run on MAC OSx, Windows XP,7,8,8.1,10 and x64 versions, and Linux;
- there is no menu just tabbed panes; the necessary functions are available by buttons on panes-very easy to use!;
- the MIDI tab has a log window;
- the MIDI devices now are in a list, no in combox;
- in some cases there are same name for MIDI IN and OUT devices, now the name is extracted with hashcode;
- the tables now has a filter field to quick search in tables;
- in the randomizer section you can select the destination timbre to randomize;
- in the randomizer section now available randomizing the individual osc's, filters etc. not just both;
- the randomizer section has a new button to initialize the random program in the RADIAS;
- there is a new feature, the TimbreCombinator. It's allow you to select and collect timbres to a new program from the library's programs;

The RADIASLibrarianv2.3 is downloadable from this site's download section.