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In these pages you can find informations, drivers, utilities, patches etc. for synthesizers, mostly for KORG synthesizers.

You can also find some link for my music, and music productions where I'm presented.

New friend in the studio: ROLAND MC-808

By the YAMAHA MOX6 I've got the almost perfect workstation. Just a "little" feature I need: sampling. Using own samples to create sounds...
I tried to exchange the MOX6 to a MOXF, but I failed. Twice. Ok, God knows why it's happened this way; so I keep the MOX6 in the studio and started seeking alternatives...
And then... he came face to face on the internet... It was a bit dingy, but fully workable. And cheap... Circa 50% of the present days coast... So, he came home to me! :)
1. Easy sampling
2. ROLAND Juno-G synth engine
3. Pattern based sequencer with 16 part
4. Inspiring workflow
" I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" :-D
(And a lot of chill rhytm and groove...)


Updated on 22/08/2017!

On 08/03/2017 I just released the RADIASLibrarianv2. The previous versions of the librarian is no longer available.

The RADIASLibrarianv2 has a big and some small new features.
- there is no menu just tabbed panes; the necessary functions are available by buttons on panes;
- the MIDI tab has a log window;
- the MIDI devices now are in a list, no in combox;
- the tables now has a filter field to quick search in tables;
- in the randomizer section you can select the destination timbre to randomize;
- in the randomizer section now available randomizing the individual osc's, filters etc. not just both;
- the randomizer section has a new button to initialize the random program in the RADIAS;
- there is a new feature, the TimbreCombinator. It's allow you to select and collect timbres to a new program from the library's programs;

The RADIASLibrarianv2 is downloadable from this site's download section.