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The Great Plan

Our aim is to create a web page which helps -above all- the communication among children in the topic of environmentalism. We want to help them to find those little steps in every day life which can contribute to the protection of our environment. We want to create an interactive page that addresses and engages the interest of more generations with its wide range of activities (competitions, outdoor and indoor programs, lectures, games, contests, forum, chat etc.) and draws their attention towards the environmentalism and sustainability. Our programme is open therefore we want to help green organizations and schools to join us, and to share their experiences with those interested. This project is run by students and children for students and children.


The essence of our programme:

  1. Child with child and student with student can much more easily understand each other. The upbringing of children is the job of adults. But if we take a look at the irresponsible, environmentally unfriendly adults who scatter rubbish everywhere, who were children and had been brought up by adults then we realize that it is time to give a chance to young people, even to small children.

  2. The basis of environmentally friendly behavior is to understand if I do something good, and you do something good then we did something good together. Thus everyone is responsible for events individually. "He who accepts the bad is responsible if things get worse." It is a mistake to wait for someone else; it is a mistake to wait for a major task. We have to act here and now and the small parts will form a big result.

  3. The most widespread and well-known tool for communication is the internet; this should be used in education.

  4. The main aim of the "Great Plan Programme" is to work out a really good educational system.

  5. The motto of our program: My Earth, my future, I protect it!

  6. It is important to get in touch with foreign organizations in order to gain experiences, later they will have the opportunity to adopt our program and the final aim would be a movement which connects the whole world.

The future of the Earth is the future of us, so our future is the future of the Earth, and it is time to take over the responsible control over it.


Main problems to deal with:

  • The existing educational programs with regards to environmentalism are not sufficient.

  • Children's initiatives are not carried out

  • There is no efficient communication between adults and children.

  • Those projects which try to mobilize children are isolated


Solutions offered by our program:

  • A new educational system would be worked out in order to make "Green Thinking and Lifestyle" part of every day life.

  • The program takes into account the customs, expectations, and minds of the youth, unifies them into one major "Green Movement" opposing the separated organizations of today.

  • Young people can affect the whole society through their families, friends, and classmates the most effectively.


Special thanks to Péter Horváth 17 years old student who translated this page.




























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