- Birth of a Flowform -

(I was going to present this flowform to our Austrian Drachenfreunde. Unfortunately, even though I intended to be at Donau Insel on 24-25 Sept, 2005, I will not be there. Anyway I'll keep it for the next possible occasion.) Any questions? How I made this kite. Don't hasitate to drop me an email. To have the same pix in .ppt click here.

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ff10 ff11 ff12 ff13 ff14 ff15 ff16 ff17 ff18 ff19 ff20ff21 ff22 ff23 ff24 ff25 ff26 ff27 ff28 ff29 ff30ff31 ff32 ff33 ff34 ff35 ff36 ff37 ff38 ff39 ff40ff41 ff42 ff43 ff44 ff45 ff46 ff47 ff48 ff49 ff50ff51 ff52

The flight of the FLOWFORM made of the Hungarian daily NÉPSZAVA

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Last modified: 25 Nov., 2007