Out of the 64 cells - while I'm unfolding and putting up the remaining 3*16 cells - a 16-cell tetrahedron unit is aleady flying beautifully.

tetra tetra tetra tetra tetra  tetra

While working on the other 16-cell units there's time to bridle one or two shopping bag SLED.

(As to the weather, though we've had sunshine, a beautiful day, still we had to put on some clothes to protect ourselves - a crazy wind was blowing.) And look at the result:

tetraIn this picture you can see one of the 16-cell tetrahedron; it's still flying steadily, but soon one of the bamboo sticks of the leading edge will be broken by the crazy wind.
tetra-HAR DeltaWhile all the units of the 64-cell kite are taking shape, a high apect ratio DELTA - of 10.66' wingspan - is being flown. (The brown box next to the white tetrahedron is NOT a KiteCoffin prepared for an unfortunate event.)

The crazy wind damaged not only the already airborne 16-cell unit but also the 16-cell ones still on ground.

Out of the 384 bamboo sticks 3.1% of them were damaged. Well, not so bad. - It can be repaired.
tetra  tetra  tetra  tetra  tetra

(This tetrahedron has been flown during the Kecskemét (Hungary) 12th Kite Festival organized by the toy museum in Kecskemét.
Finally two links to fractals, just like my tetrahedron:
Fractal Sierpinski  and one more Sierpinski - very interesting for the young.

Last modified: 25 Nov., 2007