This is the very first FLOWFORM I've ever sewn. It's made of Tyvek, and sometimes I attach a (Tyvek) spinsock to it.


It's absolutely neccesary to mention the source; my thanks go to two kiters whose sites helped me a lot:
  1. Harald Prinzler
  2. Kitemonger
And I can buy Tyvek at Winkler's
FF  ff  ff  ff  ff  ff  ffff  ff* ff  ff  ff  ff  ff  ffff

My favourite FLOWFORM went to Suomi.
Suomessa  Suomessa  Suomessa

But I've made two flowforms using newspaper and white glue:
Népszava Flowform  paper flowform  Paper flowform
Just click here to have a look at the birth of a newspaper flowform.

And to encourage other kite enthusiasts to build their own flowform - what a pleasure to fly your own kite –, here is the URL of my kite friend right from the other side of the world, from Singapore: Alex Teo`s site  (02 Apr., 2009)

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