Hunyad megye / Hunedoara County (Romania)
Arrangements were made to visit and entertain some children of the Saint Francis Foundation at Deva, Hunedoara County, Romania.

We met the children and two accomanying teachers in front of their school, then went down to the Mures river meadow; we had sunshine and proper wind.

The kites I prepared for them at home were flown immediately - with great joy. In the meantime I began to make sled kites using pre-cut pieces of bamboo sticks and pre-cut plastic shopping bags as sail for each and every little guest of ours.
At the end of these merry hours I gave them material (sticks and sail) for about 20 more kites.

Déva DévaTeachers also enjoyed flying a kite.

Déva Déva Not only young children were interested.

DévaIn this photo the ruin castle of Deva - in the backgroud - is the most interesting; at least for me.

Déva Sometimes it is better to put on gloves to avoid serious injuries.

déva Déva  déva High Aspect Ratio Spinnaker Nylon Delta, wing span: 10.66 feet  sz.f

Flying the powerful Tyvek flowform seemed to be the most appealing, so I promised to sew one of their own St. Francis Tyvek Flowform - decorating it with an appropriate design.    

Luncani Luncani Luncani Luncani Luncani Luncani Luncani Luncani Luncani 

luncani He'll be a kite flyer for sure.

Kalán Kalán Kalán Kalán Kalán Ionut

Last modified: 25 Nov., 2007