I'm going to introduce only two pieces of origami.

When I first made them I didn't even know the word ORIGAMI.
It was more then fifty years ago. IMHO these has never been introduce to the general public anywhere so far.

Devil & Noah' Ark:

A couple of puffs and the Devil grows full size

Voilà, Noah's Ark

And don't forget to visit Fumiaki Shingu's brilliant
This Fumiaki's comment:

"Origami is the one of Japanese traditional cultures and widely known as its beauty and cleverness. This is just like other Japanese arts such as Judo and Ikebana.
Now, Origami is recognized as an international word.
The reason I built this web site was very simple.
I want you to be involved in magics of origami. It is very charming that a piece of paper becomes different kinds of objects.
I hope you enjoy my site and several original works."

And so do I.

Last modified: 22 dEC., 2008