This barren skin
      Red moon
      From these wounds
      The architecture of loss
      Vagrant god
   Diary of Dreams
      Reign of chaos
      End of flowers
      The curse
      But the wind was stronger
      Flood of tears
      Soul stripper
      Kiss of judas
      Cold winter nights
      4000 rainy nights
      When the night meets the day
      Before the winter
      Falling into fantasy
      Venus in the morning
      Soul of a vagabond
      The abyss of your eyes
      Drop in the ocean
      Another face in the window
  The Retrosic
      Taste of death
      Quid pro Quo
      Tale of woe

      Under the dock leaves
      The land beyond
      The cliff of suicide
      Under war-broken trees
      Moon of amber
      Sunwar the dead
      Straggering moon hold
      The newborn sailor
      Away from the barren stars
      Poisonous eyes
      Ares in their eyes
      The Hemlock sea
      The world in their screams

  Wall of Sleep
      The river
      On pain of birth
      Mother sand, father stone
      Sun faced apostles
      The crusade
      Last resort
      Saw you drown
      Cold ways
      I break
  Ice Ages
      From grey to...
      Enemy inside Blake
      Picture of life
  My Dying Bride
      One of beauty's daughter
      My hope the destroyer
      Catherine Blake
      Thy raven wings
      L'amour Detruit
      The dreadful hours
      She is the dark
      Like gods of the sun
      Wreckage of my flesh
      Cruel taste of winter
      The blood the wine the roses
      And i walk with them
      For my fallen angel
      The light at the end of the world
      Love's intolerable pain
      Prize of beauty
      Into the lake of ghost
      The blue lotus
      The raven and the rose
  Fields of the Nephilim
      Straight to the light
  Within Temptation
      Grace of god
      Walls of freedom
      In death
  Celtic Frost